Free COVID-19 Infection Control Software

Rapidly deploy tools to reduce facility risk through adherence to evolving guidelines

Infection control guideline implementation is a challenge.

Implementing and adhering to an evolving set of COVID-19 infection prevention guidelines is a critical component to helping save provider and patient lives. Answering seemingly simple questions like “how effectively are staff donning and doffing PPE?” and “how reliably are we cleaning rooms?” can require excessive staff time and long delays for manual reporting.

When Qualaris created the COVID-19 Kit, I slept like a baby because now we can track and prove compliance with constantly changing guidelines.

Heather Nicholas
Risk Manager of a Healthcare Facility

Here's how the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit can help.

Qualaris COVID-19 Kit for Healthcare Facilities

The Qualaris COVID-19 Kit helps healthcare facilities save lives and reduce risk by implementing and adhering to an evolving set of CDC guidelines. We simplify guideline implementation, compliance auditing, and real-time reporting of this work. Our turnkey software-as-a-service solution builds on years of experience helping +100 health systems to streamline infection prevention and quality improvement work. It is available free for all healthcare facilities through 2020.

QUICKLY & RELIABLY IMPLEMENT CURRENT GUIDELINES - We provide up-to-date CDC facility recommendations for COVID-19 in digital action plans that make it easy to implement in your facility.

SIMPLIFY GUIDELINE AUDITING PROCESSES - The gold standard of compliance monitoring is observation-based audits. Simplify auditing with user-friendly, mobile-friendly digital auditing tools aligned with up-to-date CDC recommendations for healthcare facilities.

AUTOMATE REAL-TIME REPORTING - Eliminate spreadsheets and give leaders and frontline teams the real-time implementation and compliance data they need to track progress and guide process improvements.

EASY SETUP WITH NO IT STAFF - Set up secure, CDC-aligned, facility-tailored tools for immediate use in less than 1 hour. No IT staff is required. Experienced, hands-on webinar support is available.

Getting Started

If you're a healthcare facility, we can help you get up and running quickly. Here’s what’s involved to get started.

  • Request a Kit.
  • We create your account and send you an email with info to get started.
  • You’ll have instructions to immediately use your tools and be able to get hands on help if you need it.

While we expect turn around on launch requests in hours to days, this is subject to change based on customer demand.

If you're an industry or regional partner, we can assist with large scale programs. Download a brochure to learn more. Or you can Contact us.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Tell more about Qualaris?

Qualaris has years of experience providing +100 health systems and trusted partners with tools to streamline quality improvement and process improvement projects. You can learn more about Qualaris, our product, and case studies in infection prevention and more on our website (

Is my data confidential?

Absolutely. Our agreements commit Qualaris to keeping all of your identifiable data confidential at all times.

What do I need to install to use Qualaris?

Qualaris is internet-based software that is used on internet-connected workstation browsers and mobile devices. Since our software is accessed through the internet, no downloads or installations are required.

Is the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit really free?

It is. Really. We’re committed to offering the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit to any healthcare organization for free at least through December 31, 2020. We anticipate offering options at that time to downgrade to our free plan or move into a paid subscription when we end free support for the kit. You can learn more on our website ( or reach out to us to learn more.

How was the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit developed to align with CDC recommendations? How is it being kept up-to-date?

Check out our dedicated blog to learn more about how the solution was designed. We anticipate sharing additional posts over time as recommendations evolve and customers share feedback.

I’m a third-party organization that is helping many healthcare facilities (e.g. state public health depts, QIOs, hospital associations, other NPOs, etc.). How can I provide this resource to my facilities?

The easiest way to share this free resource is to direct facilities to this website. That said, we have experience working with regional partners to support multi-facility quality improvement and infection prevention programs. We’re open to and interested in collaborating with regional partners. Potential ways to collaborate with partners include: tailoring solution templates for your facilities, coordinating regional informational webinars, automating regional benchmarking reports, providing third party partners with data and tools to better coach and support their facilities.

I have ideas for other ways Qualaris could help with COVID-19. Will Qualaris help make this happen?

Qualaris is interested in doing whatever we can to help with this pandemic from revision to our Qualaris COVID-19 Kit to new standalone tools. Reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help.