Safety Compliance Programs

Sponsored by Business Improvement Districts, Chambers of Commerce, or Local Governments

Program Benefits

  • Lead an innovative program to support local businesses and your community
  • Empower community partners to efficiently provide support to many businesses at once
  • Enhance community mitigation of COVID-19 by simplifying rigorous guideline compliance
  • Help local consumers identify compliant businesses while supporting safer economic recovery
  • Establish infrastructure to support an unpredictable and evolving future
  • Help local health officials by generating granular, timely compliance data

Check out these live Programs:

"It will be immensely beneficial to have effective single source of outreach to keep the public informed. Customers want to know that they will be safe shopping and dining with us, and we want to make sure they know we take that responsibility seriously and have the data to support it."
- Maurry Mendelovich, Co-owner Oakland Restaurants Stack’d & CHiKN

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