Free COVID-19 Guideline Compliance Software

Easy, always-up-to-date tools to help you safely reopen & revitalize your business

Businesses face an overwhelming challenge to adhere to evolving guidelines for COVID-19

Businesses everywhere are facing challenges in the face of COVID-19. How do we reopen and operate safely? How do we rebuild confidence with our employees and our customers? At the core of this is rigorous adherence to COVID-19 guidelines and the ability to communicate your work to others. But, compliance isn’t easy. Guidelines change all the time and they are often walls of text. And, the challenges of infection prevention guideline compliance are completely new to many - they lack the tools or expertise to take confident and effective action.

Here's how the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit can help.

The Qualaris COVID-19 Kit helps businesses simplify compliance with evolving guidelines so they can stay safe, be confident they’re doing the right things, and be able to share their safety work with others. Our mobile-friendly, cloud-based software helps you implement up-to-date guidelines, give you tools to do quality assurance checks to make sure you’re staying safe, and provides reporting tools to track your progress and share it with stakeholders like employees and customers. We generate a record of all this compliance work along the way so your business can rest assured it’s got guideline compliance documentation. Our turnkey software-as-a-service solution builds on years of experience helping +100 health systems to streamline infection prevention compliance and more. We’re currently providing these tools free to all businesses.

QUICKLY & RELIABLY IMPLEMENT CURRENT GUIDELINES - We provide up-to-date guidelines for COVID-19 from the CDC in simple digital tools that help you manage tasks and collaborate with colleagues to get policies in place.

SIMPLIFY QUALITY ASSURANCE CHECKS - It’s not enough to set a policy. Businesses need to ensure key processes are always in compliance. The gold standard of infection prevention compliance monitoring is observation-based audits. We simplify spot checking through mobile-friendly digital auditing tools for internal quality checks.

AUTOMATE REAL-TIME REPORTING - Eliminate spreadsheets and give managers and staff the real-time implementation and compliance data they need to track progress and guide process improvements.

SAFETY MARKETING TOOLS - Do the work of rigorous safety compliance and then share that work with customers to rebuild their confidence. Qualaris provides tools to communicate your safety compliance program and its data to consumers so they can understand the efforts you’re taking to keep them safe. Currently only offered through partner sponsored, large scale programs.

Getting Started

If you're a business, we can help you get up and running quickly. Here’s what’s involved to get started.

  • Request a Kit.
  • We create your account and send you an email with info to get started.
  • You’ll have instructions to immediately use your tools and be able to get hands on help if you need it.

While we expect turn around on launch requests in hours to days, this is subject to change based on customer demand.

If you're an industry or regional partner, we can assist with large scale programs. Download a brochure to learn more. Or you can Contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell more about Qualaris?

Qualaris has years of experience providing +100 health systems and trusted partners with tools to streamline infection prevention compliance and other quality improvement projects. You can learn more about Qualaris, our product, and case studies in infection prevention and more on our website (

Is my data confidential?

Absolutely. Our agreements commit Qualaris to keeping all of your identifiable data confidential at all times. We do retain the right to use data in aggregate in de-identified forms and are working with research collaborators to help share insights on safe reopening with leaders with policymakers.

What do I need to install to use Qualaris?

Qualaris is internet-based software that is used on internet-connected workstation browsers and mobile devices. Since our software is accessed through the internet, no downloads or installations are required.

Is the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit really free?

It is. Really. We’re currently focused on getting kits out to businesses, enhancing our product further, and supporting everyone’s efforts in safe reopening and revitalization. We do have plans in the future to offer paid premium features as ways to support our business’ work.

How was the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit developed to align with CDC recommendations? How is it being kept up-to-date?

Check out our dedicated blog to learn more about how the solution was designed. We anticipate sharing additional posts over time as recommendations evolve and customers share feedback.