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These resources are provided so we can help our communities and businesses safely reopen and revitalize

Send a free kit to someone in need

Send this page to anyone you think could benefit from the COVID-19 Kit. We currently support hospitals, long-term care facilities, and businesses. We are adding support for more industries each day and welcome requests to be early adopters in unsupported settings.

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Promote on social media

Promote the COVID-19 Kit on social media to help our communities safely reopen and revitalize.

Forward info to a potential partner

Forward info to partners within your community to help businesses safely reopen.

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Connect us with research collaborators

There are critical questions that need better answers when it comes to understanding guideline compliance, community safety, and economic recovery. Qualaris is capturing rich guideline compliance data that we’d like to make available to research collaborators (in de-identified formats) to help uncover and share insights with other researchers, policymakers, and the public. Please share our website with potential collaborators and invite them to contact us.