Simplify COVID-19 guideline compliance

Rapidly deployable software for guideline compliance & safety marketing

Compliance with evolving COVID-19 guidelines is critical, but it isn’t easy

How do we comply with evolving guidelines

& keep people safe?

How do we earn back consumer confidence

& restore our businesses?

Nail guideline compliance & safety with digital guideline compliance tools

Qualaris COVID-19 Kit for Healthcare Facilities

Earn back consumer confidence with safety compliance marketing tools

Qualaris COVID-19 Kit for Healthcare Facilities

We're experienced & equipped to help

Qualaris COVID-19 Kit for Healthcare Facilities

Latest Kit Updates

We know that long-term care facilities are facing an immense challenge to keep their residents safe while also protecting their providers. We've launched a kit using the CDC's Interim Additional Guidance for Infection Prevention and Control for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Nursing Homes.

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This blog post marks our initial launch of the Qualaris COVID-19 Kit. This is the start of our efforts to provide free resources to our customers and the broader healthcare industry to support their COVID-19 infection prevention efforts. We cover here: How we approached problem discovery How we approached solution design Planned enhancements over time and community feedback How we approached…

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